Chand Raat In Pakistan

Chand Raat has a great importance in the Pakistani culture and tradition. As the painting is said to be incomplete without colors in the same way Eid is imperfect without the presence of chand raat. Chand raat is celebrated in Pakistan with great zeal and zest.

As the Eid moon arrives a sudden passion gets into all the Muslims because they consider this Eid as a blessed gift from the God for the month of Ramadan. All the women and even men get anxious to prepare their best clothes for the Eid days.

The happiness of the Eid last for three days and in all three days the most interesting part is the Chand Raat sms stages when all the people just get connected to their mobile phones and send Eid greeting to their friends and loved ones. As women get their hands decorated with mehndi then from the other hand they start sending Eid-ul-Fitr SMS to her relatives.

Eid teaches us the lesson of love and brotherhood so instead of spending money on Chand Raat we should try to spend such money in giving the money to some poor child and share his happiness and pleasure on this Eid.


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